Sarah is a great mind-body-spirit teacher. She fabulously integrates these focuses into both her Pilates and Yoga instruction. It is a therapeutic, holistic experience.
Kelley •

Sarah is a gifted, attentive instructor who has had a great effect on my overall fitness. I was doing cardio and strength training for quite a while before working with her, but saw a difference in less than six weeks of Pilates.
Louisa •

Sarah's understanding of Pilates and Yoga are deep, and her studio is bright and inviting. Her group mat classes and private reformer sessions have made a visible difference in a short time, and are key to my fitness routine!
Kathryn •

In a short time Sarah’s Pilates and yoga classes have put me back in touch with my body. My posture has improved and I feel more athletic and energetic. She has a wonderful teaching method, explaining stances and moves with care and in detail, bringing new images and awareness of my body’s capabilities. In group classes she is attentive to all of her students and encourages and cares for us all. She pushes us and makes us laugh. I always leave feeling more alive.
Celia •

Sarah teaches from the heart. Her deep understanding of the body combined with her amazing patience truly enriched my life. Sarah's techniques not only guided me to a leaner, healthier body, but also instilled greater self confidence and peace of mind. Thank you Sarah for sharing your gift! Thank you Yoda.
Jedi Suz

Dear Sarah: I really enjoyed mat pilates this morning at Bally's. I couldn't get myself to roll over on the left side with my arms and you just intuited that and came over and made me do it. So often I find that my intelligent brain can hear what you are saying, but my body doesn't know what the hell I am trying to get it to do. Who would have known that I could actually do yoga and pilates when I am only truly comfortable hanging out with the guys in the weight room? Apparently all I needed was a great instructor like you to push me through the moves I never knew my body was capable of! Thank-you, thank-you for letting me take advantage of your wisdom.
Kate Fewx

Hi Sarah, your class was definitely challenging enough for me! My body felt “worked out” with a general feeling of calm that lasted all weekend. Love it. Will definitely come again and also try your Pilates when I can.

Sarah has been an excellent Mat and Reformer Pilates instructor at Bally Total Fitness. She is patient, explains the movements, ensures that they are performed correctly, and gives excellent feedback to the students. I have greatly benefited from her expertise. She has helped me to feel comfortable in doing the challenges of Pilates. Plus, she is a warm and friendly person!

Sarah, thank you for modeling openness and making your classes (Pilates and Yoga) friendly places to learn.
Ana (one of your many grateful students)